Arch de CIel

What does an American artist, stalled by illness and life, do when she finds herself a visiting artist in Normandy? Backbends. Wherever you go, there you are. 


The bizarre theater of competitive cheerleading  transforms into the absurd, rapturous ritual frozen by my camera. 


Like Many a Romance...

 my relationship with photography has been fraught with feelings of confinement, flirtations with other media, jealous pining for the immediacy of drawing. Despite my frustrations with my loves stubborn rigidity and flagrant carousing, I can not resist the chemistry and poetry. I am lured back behind the view finder again and again. 


Face of Brooklyn

 A push cart studio, 8 parks in Brooklyn, 281 portraits result in one catalog of the borough's residence at The Brooklyn Historical Society.




A selection of over 180 portraits of the citizens of Le Havre, Normandie. The subjects represented relationships between caregivers and authority figures and their charges.


To rediscover my childhood experience as an unwilling actor poorly cast in the theater of bad family portraits, I took  at JcPenny portrait studio. Working undercover, I pushed the limits of these conventional mementos to reveal the absurd in the ordinary. 



Passers by enter the street studio with strangers to form new, fictive families . Their imaginary relationships are immortalized in these family portraits, as they also become participants in the performance.